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Wednesday, 19 September 2012


Rumours in Spanish government offices:

1. They would ask for a bailout after October 21 (Galicia elections) or November 3 (US Elections).

 2. If they don’t ask for the bailout after these dates, they will not ask for it and they will return to Peseta currency breaking the EUSSR. The whole banking system in Spain have got integrated in their baking systems/platforms the ESP code and the FNMT has started a new program to print banknotes and make new coins.

 -President, Vicepresident and some ministers are totally oposed to the rescue.

 3. national surveys have released that the 79%-84%-69% wants the return to the national currency Peseta.

 The street feeling in Spain is that Greece was robbed by German bureaucrats and Germany is makeing a 4th reich. People are starting to be tired with this situation and last week the army send a letter to the media to say that they will protect them and they are very angry with this situation.

probably this is what goldman will be looking for for their 1.2500 3month target forcast ;-)

picked from forexlive.com

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