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Saturday, 16 March 2013


Friday saw some interesting new players come on board into the bull bandwagon and they moved a few things around.. by the way, learnt that it only takes 250million euros to move the market :-O .. so much for all the BS i have been fed so far. Any way, China (the vicious panda) was seen buying it near 1.3000, market made several attempts but failed to push through which saw some big hedge funds joining on the buy side. Leveraged funds were also seen buying eurjpy.. went up a little before optionality(as traders reported) played and resulted in yen purchases that pushed it much lower( was whammed in this one :'( )... Hedgefunds were also seen buying into 8600 in eurgbp after a failed attempt at it (lucky goldman sachs, I do know they have a long from around 8500 ;-) ).. BIS was a notable buyer towards 1.2900 said to have been dealing for a central bank defending the level(likely asian) for now we wait to see how the market unfolds on Monday before speculating any further.. Large bids were reportedly seen still at 1.2900 on EBS on friday... but Euro indeed has seen interesting players and for now 1.3000 is a key level, hold above might see it push further... Enjoy your weekend

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