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Tuesday, 28 January 2014


I am in the middle of a heated debate in a certain forum with regards to the China situation. A certain agitated Chinese national from one of the big asset management companies is urguing that the western media and analysts are highly exagerrating the situation in China wherelese the situation isnt as bad as they are purpoting it to be. There have been speculations for the past 20 years about how bad the Chinese economy and about imminent collapse but nothing really has happened. My take? Well, it doesnt really matter who is right or wrong and there may be truths in both sides of the story but you will go bankrapt while trying to be right. The market operates on demand and supply and if the market thinks that the rich have been stuffing money abroad in anticipation, well, go with it. Us in the frontier markets are pretty much used to it. The media looks for stories that sell, it doesnt matter whether its factual. If news pops up on bloomberg about China that certain things will happen, go ahead, if the market believes it, bet on it and make your 2-cents.

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